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Strictly Digital is a full service online media agency that focuses primarily on media buying and campaign optimization and works with publishers and technological companies all over the world. We can offer our customers independent advice on choosing the right strategy and media platform, based on our customers’ business objectives. We base our advice on the suitability of the medium or technology and the financial resources available to our customers.

Our services also include assisting our customers with creating a website, the production of video content and giving social media marketing tips. We work with an extended network of experts in our industry. Strictly Digital can offer you one-stop shopping for online marketing.

Get more out of your online marketing

Online marketing has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. It is now no longer an option; it is a necissity. The advancements in technology have brought us new forms of media and new possibilities for communication. The effect of online marketing can be measured, in contrast to other forms of media, which gives advertisers the possibility to adjust their campaign if necessary, in order to optimize it. For this reason, online marketing is proven to be more effective than other forms of media, also because it makes you able to spend your communicationbudget more efficiently with the right know-how.

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Strictly Digital is the licensee of Exactag GmbH. We are an independent agency that can offer suppliers of e-commerce and online desks an effective way to control, measure and review the succes of their advertising in all online marketing channels. We focus on the development of tools for tag management, multichannel tracking and commission management.


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